Thomas W. Ewing
Senior Policy Advisor
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Thomas Ewing brings a long and distinguished career in public service to Davis & Harman LLP. Prior to joining the firm, Thomas served in the US House of Representatives. First elected in 1991 from the 15th Illinois Congressional District, he served five consecutive terms before retiring at the end of the 2000 Congressional session.

Thomas is a leading expert on agriculture issues—specifically commodity futures and derivatives, crop insurance and risk management. As a member of Congress, he served on the House Subcommittee on Agriculture and as chairman of the Agricultural Subcommittee on Risk Management and Specialty Crops. He played a major role in the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000.

In addition, Thomas has considerable legislative experience in both aviation and surface transportation. He served on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, the House Committee on Science, the Committee on House Administration and the Joint Economic Committee. Thomas was a leader in expanding foreign trade, particularly the export of agricultural commodities, and was a leading proponent of China's entry into the World Trade Organization. He was an advocate of regulatory reform, expanded rural health care, and higher education.

Thomas played an active role in the "Republican Revolution" that brought the Republican Party to the majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in more than 40 years. A strong supporter of the Contract for America, he championed those efforts to achieve the first balanced budget. He was instrumental in rallying support to elect a fellow Illinois Congressman as Speaker of the House in 1998.

Prior to his election to Congress, Thomas was a member of the Illinois House of Representatives from 1975 to 1991. He was named Assistant Minority Leader in 1982 and Deputy Minority Leader in 1990. For 22 years, he was in private practice in Illinois with the firm of Satter, Ewing & Beyer.

Thomas' work has been widely recognized with numerous state and national awards from business, education, environmental, senior citizen and agricultural organizations. He has been recognized for his leadership in the areas of crime prevention, welfare reform, economic growth and health care. His emphasis on fiscal integrity and personal responsibility has earned him widespread praise. In 2002, he was selected by the Millikin University Board of Trustees as a recipient of the Millikin Medallion Society award, He has also been honored by the Illinois Farm Bureau with the Charles B. Shuman Distinguished Service Award and was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the 67th Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leadership School.

Thomas also gives generously of his time to the American Diabetes Associations's National Advocacy Committee as a volunteer and the Institute for Representative Government as a Director. The Institute is a federally-funded, bipartisan effort to advance democratic principles among the leaders of developing nations.

Prior Experience
  • US House of Representatives, 1991-2001
  • Illinois House of Representatives, 1975-1991
  • Satter, Ewing & Beyer
  • Illinois Assistant State's Attorney
  • United States Army and United States Army Reserve
Bar and Court Admissions
  • Not currently a member of the bar
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  • BS, Millikin University, 1957
  • JD, John Marshall Law School, 1968
  • Honorary Doctor of Law degrees from Lincoln
  • College, 1998, the John Marshall Law School,1999 and Millikin University, 2004
The Willard
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20004
Tel 202-347-2230
Fax 202-393-3310